About Our Company

Nana’s Deli is a well renowned catering service, where each devoted member of our team constantly achieves to prepare the best food possible. We started long ago as a one-man service and since then our perseverance has enabled us to grow bigger and better and now we are proud to say we work as a growing team.

Food is what brought each of us together, and friendship, co-operation and skill is what makes us stick together.

We always ensure every customer is left satisfied, we genuinely feel happy and grateful when people have had a great time indulging with our food. We hope you enjoy eating our foods, no matter what the occasion because we love making it!

What Do We Offer?

Delicious Range of Food

Try our range of delicious food, each with a distinct taste at high standards. We are never selfish with variety, so the endless choices are yours.

High Hygiene Rating

All of our food is made in 100% clean environments, to prevent contamination, so you feel sure that what you are eating is completely safe.

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Give us a call today to arrange a free quotation. Whatever your occasion, we are able to create bespoke menus to satisfy everyone's taste buds.

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